Feathers Hotel Group

The Feathers Hotel Group recognises the importance of the environment and the effect that carbon emissions have on it. Feathers will comply with all regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the processes and activities which the company undertakes.
It is our objective to cooperate with and maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies and authorities, specifically ensuring best practice through the Carbon Trust and Groundworks,
Feathers will carry our all reasonably practicable steps to improve the environment in and around our properties to improve environmental performance.
Our aims will be, wherever possible to:

* Reduce the amount of waste produced.

* Limit noise in and around our properties.

* Promote and use recyclable materials.

* Reduce the amount of gas, electricity and water in all our properties.

* Carry out and review all our risk assessments to ensure the safety to our guests and our staff.

* Assess the environmental impact the companies activities have on the environment and to insure best practice wherever is reasonably practicable.

* Create awareness to all our employees through regular briefings and energy meetings.

We are committed to creating an “environmental culture” in all our establishments promoting the policy to all our guests, employees, contractors and agents. We will also provide information to our customers where practicable on the hotels environmental policy and plans.
Feathers will also report back to each establishment on the companies targets, performance and future initiatives.


Stuart G. Hunter ACMA BA
Managing Director Date: 15th October 2008